SQL Learning Guide for Beginners

SQL enables you to extract the information you need from large volumes of data.

Hello everyone!

As promised, at the bottom of this page is an Excel spreadsheet with a structured path to help you learn the basics of SQL, and successfully execute impactful queries. All the resources in the guide are free!

What motivated me to put this guide together?

I’ve often hear people say that “SQL is hard”, based on their previous learning experience with SQL. While I am not an expert in SQL, I have managed to become competent in the language through my self-learning efforts. In fact, learning SQL has enabled to to easily pick up, and program in other languages such as VBA, Python, and C#.

If anyone is interested in learning some computer programming, I recommend SQL as it is the perfect bridge between the English language and programming. My first attempt at programming was with Java…and I just wasn’t able to comprehend it! But after I learned SQL, it’s as if a new area of my brain was unlocked, and I am now able to learn any programming language.

All that to say: –

1) You can learn SQL too!

2) SQL is really not difficult…at least on the user side. It gets complicated when you get to more developer and administrator relevant queries. But for the majority of users, the queries needed are not overly complex.

3) Learning SQL is easy with a structured approach, this guide provides that.

In this guide, you will get: –

1) The equivalent of at least three SQL courses. This form of reinforcement learning is designed to present the same concepts repeatedly, so that they stick.

2) Access to four databases for you to practice to your heart’s content.

3) Access of a SQL software, PostgreSQL.

4) A ton of practice.

5) A through exposition of SQL topics to take you from beginner to the basic intermediate levels.

Overall, you will learn enough to execute impactful queries to narrow down on key information.

This course is best suited for SQL users, and analysts in companies. SQL administration topics are not covered in this guide, but they will be in follow-up guides.

To get the most out of this guide, I advise the following: –

1) Practice a ton!

2) Be consistent. Do some task every single day. You can do a whole part in one day if your schedule allows for it, or you can break a part across multiple days. But with the exception of scheduled days off, endeavour to learn some SQL everyday!

3) Utilize the self-tracking mechanisms, this way you can easily identify which areas you need to pay more attention to. Joins and cases, anyone?

4) Buddy up! Learn SQL with a friend or colleague, this way you can help keep each other on things.

5) When in doubt about something, Google it, Youtube it, or Stackoverflow it. If none of these work, then reach out to me on LinkedIn, and I will try my best to assist.

Now, go ahead and download that guide and start learning some SQL!

Happy learning folks!

-Tosin Adekanye-


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7 thoughts on “SQL Learning Guide for Beginners

    1. Hello Muhammad,

      I looked into this issue, and I have been able to verify that the file does download and open. However, if you are on a mobile device, and you do not have an app that can open an XLSX file, then it will not open for you.

      Try again on a computer. Also, try using a different browser if it doesn’t work the first time.

      If you still have issues, please let me know.




  1. Thank you Tosin for your kindness.
    I started training on BI Data Analytics in November 2020. This material will be of immensed benefit to me as I progress in this journey.
    I will appreciate if could Mentor me as a lots need to be done even after the training.
    Do have a wonderful day


    1. Hello Akinola,

      Thank you so much for the kind words. I wish you al the successes in your BI journey. I cannot commit to a mentorship at this time, but please always feel free to contact me if you have any questions in the feild.


  2. Thank you so much for sharing this.I just had to appreciate your efort in putting this together. I am hoping to write a certification exam soon.


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