How to Retrieve Financial Statements Fast!

I invest a lot of my money in the stock market, consequently I am always doing analysis to ensure that I am achieving high returns.

Getting stock prices is easy enough, especially with Excel’s stock price formula. See this video by the amazing Leila Gharani on how to do this. Getting the financial statement history quickly was more of a challange for me. But I have finally found a method that doesn’t require going to dozens of sites and downloading company financial statements.

This method is extremely easy, and yields 5 years worth of financial statements for 50 companies in 1 – 2 minutes. 🤓💃🏽

The Tools

Financial Modeling Prep API

Financial Modeling Prep (FMP) provides free APIs that let you retrieve a wealth of financial data, including stock prices, financial statements, financial ratios, etc. Under the free account, you get 250 API requests per day, which is pretty generous for personal use.

After you make an account with FMP, you would be given your very own shiny API key. This key is attached to the URL that enables you to pull data for the relevant financial statement. In the documentation section of FMP, there is a list of financial data you can pull. Simply navigate to the information you are interested in and copy the link. The copied link will have your API key attached to it, if you are logged in.

Screenshot of the FDP Documentation Page.

You will use the link for the relevant financial report to create your URLs in Excel, and then feed them into KNIME. Don’t worry, I have a video at the end of this post that demos this solution.


Does she really need an introduction?

Excel is utilized to create URLs for all the companies whose data you are interested in retrieving.


I am a massive fan of Analytical Process Automation and Self Service Analytical software, and KNIME fits solidly into this category.

Here is an intro video to the KNIME Analytics Platform, you can download KNIME and create an account from here. I will be using KNIME to pull in the data from FMP, format the data, select what I want, and export the data to Excel.

Use Case: Retrieving Income Statements

In the video below, I show you how I leverage all the aforementioned tools to get income statement data for 50 companies. You can use the same method to get any of the financial data on the FMP website, just ensure that you have the correct URL.

Income Statement Data provided by Financial Modeling Prep

And there you have it!

Let me know if you have any questions, or if you hit a roadblock while trying to implement this yourself.

See you on the blog!

-Tosin Adekanye-


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