Predicting Customer Churn with Machine Learning(AI)

You spent months, or even years fostering that treasured business-to-customer relationship. Then suddenly, you get the call: “Hello, I’d like to cancel please.” Whoa! You feel blindsided. Where is this coming from? Is it something I said? Could I have prevented this? Well, with AI and a KNIME workflow, you can identify some of theContinue reading “Predicting Customer Churn with Machine Learning(AI)”

An Analysis of UFO Sightings – Do We See More UFOs When We Have More Alien Movies?

Two things I love, analytics and Science Fiction! So when I stumbled on a dataset about UFO sightings, I knew I had to analyze it! This also turned into the perfect opportunity to showcase how I use KNIME to clean, prep and do some analysis on my datasets. I made a 4 part series onContinue reading “An Analysis of UFO Sightings – Do We See More UFOs When We Have More Alien Movies?”

Examining Sentiments to the Nigerian Twitter Ban

A couple of days ago I asked my LinkedIn network for their opinion on the Nigerian Government’s sudden and swift decision to ban Twitter. This was their response: – Clearly the majority of people are against the ban, and you may count me as one of them! I was curious to see what the mediaContinue reading “Examining Sentiments to the Nigerian Twitter Ban”

Predicting Credit Card Fraud

Credit card fraud sucks! It sucks for the financial institution and it sucks for the customer. In 2018, fraudulent transactions resulted in almost $9.5 billion dollars worth of loses in the US alone! But how can financial institutions predict if a transaction is likely to fraudulent? And how can we as consumers protect ourselves fromContinue reading “Predicting Credit Card Fraud”

#1 Songs Through the Ages

How has genre dominance of the billboard #1 spot changed across the years? What were there #1 songs in my birth year? How has the features of #1 songs changed over time? So many questions. One dashboard with answers 😁 The Data You can find and retrieve the data here. Here is the data dictionary.Continue reading “#1 Songs Through the Ages”

How to Retrieve Financial Statements Fast!

I invest a lot of my money in the stock market, consequently I am always doing analysis to ensure that I am achieving high returns. Getting stock prices is easy enough, especially with Excel’s stock price formula. See this video by the amazing Leila Gharani on how to do this. Getting the financial statement historyContinue reading “How to Retrieve Financial Statements Fast!”

Who is the Best Nigerian Network Provider? Let the Tweets Speak!

All my past analytics experience and learning has focused on numerical analysis, including spatial analytics. But since I was vacationing in Nigeria, with plenty of time to spare and a huge appetite for data, I decided to start learning some text mining. So since I am a bit fresh off the boat here, I decidedContinue reading “Who is the Best Nigerian Network Provider? Let the Tweets Speak!”

SQL Learning Guide for Beginners

Hello everyone! As promised, at the bottom of this page is an Excel spreadsheet with a structured path to help you learn the basics of SQL, and successfully execute impactful queries. All the resources in the guide are free! What motivated me to put this guide together? I’ve often hear people say that “SQL isContinue reading “SQL Learning Guide for Beginners”