Predicting Customer Churn with Machine Learning(AI)

You spent months, or even years fostering that treasured business-to-customer relationship. Then suddenly, you get the call: “Hello, I’d like to cancel please.” Whoa! You feel blindsided. Where is this coming from? Is it something I said? Could I have prevented this? Well, with AI and a KNIME workflow, you can identify some of theContinue reading “Predicting Customer Churn with Machine Learning(AI)”


An Analysis of UFO Sightings – Do We See More UFOs When We Have More Alien Movies?

Two things I love, analytics and Science Fiction! So when I stumbled on a dataset about UFO sightings, I knew I had to analyze it! This also turned into the perfect opportunity to showcase how I use KNIME to clean, prep and do some analysis on my datasets. I made a 4 part series onContinue reading “An Analysis of UFO Sightings – Do We See More UFOs When We Have More Alien Movies?”

Who is the Best Nigerian Network Provider? Let the Tweets Speak!

All my past analytics experience and learning has focused on numerical analysis, including spatial analytics. But since I was vacationing in Nigeria, with plenty of time to spare and a huge appetite for data, I decided to start learning some text mining. So since I am a bit fresh off the boat here, I decidedContinue reading “Who is the Best Nigerian Network Provider? Let the Tweets Speak!”

About me

The best word that describes me is insatiably curious. I want to know more. More. More! This thirst for knowledge is what draws me to the field of analytics. It’s pretty amazing how a few strokes of your keyboard can yield a result which saves lives, gains millions of dollars, discovers planets, changes minds…etc. I’mContinue reading “About me”

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