About me

The best word that describes me is insatiably curious. I want to know more. More. More! This thirst for knowledge is what draws me to the field of analytics. It’s pretty amazing how a few strokes of your keyboard can yield a result which saves lives, gains millions of dollars, discovers planets, changes minds…etc. I’m going off on a tangent…this write up is meant to be a mini essay about me.

Real picture of me looking very serious, yet approachable 😁

Okay, focus Tosin! I was born in Kaduna, Nigeria, then moved to Qatar when I was 14, then moved to the US at 18, then back to Qatar, where I currently reside, at 26. Having lived in 3 continents with people from all sorts of backgrounds, I consider myself to be a global citizen. I appreciate how we are more connected now, and I have found that humans are more similar than we are different. At least we are all similar in our interest in data! πŸ˜‰

I have an academic background in both Psychology and Business, and I did gain fundamental knowledge for analytics in both of these fields. But most of my knowledge in the field is as a result of self-learning, fuelled by passion and eagerness for all things analytics.

One of the fun projects I am working on right now is building a super robust algorithm which predicts the movement of stock prices in the US stock market. But this blog is going to focus more on social issues, scientifically portrayed and scrutinized using reliable analytics and visualization methodology. I will also share several learning resources in the field, so if you are looking to learn more about analytics, you’ll definitely gain something here!

Anyways, enough talk. Time for fun analytics stuff.




Published by Tosinlitics

Hello! I'm Tosin and I love analyzing stuff and using data science as a crystal ball. Follow me to see my cool dashboards, data science, and analytics projects.

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